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Ultimate flexibility for scalable aseptic 填充

已经30多年了, Flexicon has been established as the preferred choice for liquid 填充 for GMP regulated industries.

At the heart of all the Flexicon 填充 systems is the low shear, gentle pumping action of our peristaltic fillers which ensure your valuable product is transferred undamaged with high accuracy and precision 

Flexicon offers a range of liquid 填充 and 限制 systems that grow with your business. Flexicon’s portfolio ranges 从独立单元手工填充, 通过半自动系统, 全自动灌装, 封盖机. The fully automatic systems are customised to fit any glass vial, 塑料瓶, 试管, 滴管或非自己站 超小型电子管.

Flexicon specialises in the development and manufacture of aseptic 填充 systems for biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets with an emphasis on precision, 效率和灵活性. As an experienced leader in aseptic 填充, Flexicon has developed every part of our products and services around the fundamental principle of reducing risk. 

As part of the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, Flexicon is backed by a global network of sales and technical support engineers, 支持你 processes whatever stage of your business development.

Flexicon offers a range of products that can be built together to expand into larger systems as your needs grow.

This scalable approach reduces validation costs and limits extra investment as your demand for capacity increases.


Flexicon’s forward-looking product development policy continues to drive the expansion of a unique, high-quality range of products including the new PF7+ tabletop filler. The Flexicon PF7+ is the result of 30 years of industry-focused experience.

PF7+操作简单, 降低出错风险, is highly flexible and comes with Flexicon’s trademark precision performance ensuring GMP and regulatory compliance. 

  • 精密灌装从低至0.2 ml
  • Repeatable 填充 accuracies of better than ± 0.5%以防止昂贵的过度填充
  • No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills



Innovative design with a wide variety of options to suit all requirements.


FPC60 is a uniquely configurable small batch aseptic fill/finish system. It can be designed and built with a choice of optional solutions allowing adaptation of each stage of the fill/finish process including vial infeed, 填充, 加塞, 限制, 自动剔除和产品出库.

To meet the needs of aseptic fill/finish applications, Flexicon provides full turnkey FPC60 solutions for LAF and RABS systems. An Integrated isolator solution for the FPC60 is also available through Flexicon in collaboration with our preferred partners.

  • Reduce contamination sources and save time with hand-free initial calibration.
  • Highly accurate 填充 of better than ± 1 % from 0.2毫升至100毫升
  • Pneumatic free with no format parts for the entire vial range




Aseptic liquid 填充 and 限制 systems

  1. 全自动系统

    View the range of fully-automatic Flexicon无菌液体灌装 products.

  2. 半自动系统

    View our Semi-automatic handling of the 填充 and 限制 processes.

  3. 精密管



Flexicon's products scale with your business, 从独立单元手工填充, 通过半自动系统, 全自动灌装, 封盖机.


Flexicon PF7 chosen to transfer customised media for COVID nasal diagnostic tests

A Brazilian specialist culture media manufacturer for microbiological diagnosis bioBoaVista, has developed a viral transport medium (MTV) for more efficient nasal tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19. The novel medium stabilises samples for significantly longer; up to 48 hours at room temperature and up to 5 days between 2°C to 8°C, compared to standard saline samples that last only 12 hours.



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