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Flexible PTFE-lined hoses from Aflex Hose

Specialist in the design and manufacture of PTFE-lined灵活的软管


40多年来, Aflex has been producing the most technically advanced range of PTFE-lined flexible hose products in the world.

威尼斯vns08866在英国和美国的工厂, 威尼斯vns08866设计, develop and manufacture our hoses from raw materials to finished products. This comprehensive approach gives us an unrivalled ability to meet specific needs, 无论您的应用程序.

Our dedication to developing quality products and becoming a trusted partner, has meant our customers have standardised on our hose products as the most reliable choice in their manufacturing plants.



Aflex hose products are created through a combination of expert engineering and material knowledge

Lined with polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), Aflex hoses offer excellent chemical resistance. Their structure provides a smooth bore to ensure clean, 快速的性能, resistant to high pressures and temperatures up to 260C.

PTFE is proven to outperform rubber, silicone and PVC in similar applications. Cleanability and steam resistance ensures compliance to the highest hygiene standards. Hoses are constructed without the use of adhesives, eliminating the risk of contamination.


  • 高度灵活和抗扭结
  • Available with either natural or anti-static patented PTFE liner
  • Industry leading twenty four month guarantee
  • No adhesives in hose manufacture eliminate the risk of contamination
  • Up to 80mm bore and hose lengths of up to 30 metres



The patented design of the PTFE liner used in Aflex hoses allows the liner to expand around the outside and compress around the inside of a bend. This helps to retain a smooth circular bore throughout the hose, without distortion.


  • 通用或防静电选项
  • 没有截留区域
  • Minimal turbulence means a faster flow rate
  • 优秀的内部除尘力
  • 更长的使用寿命



Aflex FaBLINE long life PTFE-lined hoses for efficient food processing

Maximise the profitability of your food and beverage production with FaBLINE, 阿弗莱克斯的终极食品级软管.




  1. FaBLINE软管


    long life PTFE-lined hoses for efficient food and beverage processing


  2. Bioflex超


    Smooth bore hose for biopharm and fine chemicals for clean, fast flow of high purity fluids.


  3. N和X软管


    Smooth bore hose for replacing silicone rubber hoses for improved compatibility and cleanability.


  4. Corroline +软管

    Corroline +软管

    Smooth bore hose for chemical and other fluid flow applications where rough usage may occur.


  5. Corroflon软管


    Convoluted bore hose for transferring process fluids where a smooth bore is not a specific requirement.


  6. 无膛线炮管


    Smooth bore hose for most automotive and general purpose applications. 可在高压下使用.


  7. Hyperline外汇管


    Smooth bore hose for all applications where improved flexibility and kink resistance are required.


  8. Visiflon软管


    Convoluted bore hose for all applications where a smooth bore and/or high pressures are not required.


Aflex Bioflex超 solves string of problems for leading supplier to the life sciences industry

A leading supplier to the life science industry based in 新加坡 experienced problems with three different hose brands which failed to meet its fluid processing needs. By switching to the Aflex Bioflex超 hose, the company found a bespoke solution that enabled it to meet all its process and safety requirements.



Corroline+ transfer hose for battery manufacture

在韩国, a lithium-ion battery manufacturer using a locally manufactured smooth PTFE hose was experiencing problems ranging from the hoses rupturing and leaking, 灵活性非常有限. The chemical transferred was an organic compound called N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone, so PTFE was needed to provide the required chemical compatibility.



Download or complete online questionnaires to submit to Aflex Hose when ordering, to help us to select the correct hose specification for your specific needs.




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